The Royal Winter Fair

The 97th annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is hitting Toronto once again—this year from November 1 until November 10—and Muskoka Mornings will be there in the Northern Pavillion to supply the crowd with their vegetarian, keto & paleo-friendly protein!

Stop by our booth to sample a protein latte and purchase your own bag of No Yolking. We will be offering special discounts to our visitors at the Royal.

Muskoka Mornings is a health and wellness
company based in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

This stunningly beautiful location is the
inspiration behind our products.

We are asking all No Yolking customers to start experimenting in the kitchen!  All you have to do is revamp an old favorite autumn recipe into a new healthy alternative recipe including ‘No Yolking’ egg white protein powder! This is a great way to add protein to a vegetarian, keto & paleo meals!

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