No Yolking™ Protein Coconut Creamer

Great as a creamer for your morning coffee, tea, matcha latte, etc. or as a topping on fruits in season. This is so simple to whip up and only takes 10 minutes! Great treat for diabetics or anyone wanting to keep their blood sugar balanced while getting some protein to curve hunger pains. Download this recipe.


1 Can of cold (24 hours in fridge) Coconut Milk

2 tbsp. of No Yolking egg white protein powder (if a thicker cream is desired, use more for topping on fruits, etc.)

2 Tbsp of Lankanto (or erythritol, Monck fruit sweetener). You may use stevia or a sweetener of your choice

1 tbsp of pure vanilla


Chill a mixing bowl and blades in the freezer for 10 minutes.  Empty the can of cold coconut milk or coconut cream in the chill mixing bowl for a whipped cream version.  Add No Yolking egg white protein powder, sweetner and vanilla.

Whip for several minutes. For topping, whip for about five minutes.  Use on berries, peaches or even our chocolate chia pudding!  Or save in a jar for a quick morning creamer for your coffee or any morning beverage.

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