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Three easy ways to cut food costs and still eat healthy

By: Kerry Foreman, Owner and Founder of Muskoka Mornings®


Over the course of 2022, we saw the price of food increase drastically, and unfortunately, it will remain on the rise in the new year. In fact, Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts a 5% to 7% food price increase in 2023. To help stay ahead of this inflation and ensure we can still afford to eat good, healthy food, we all need to shop smarter in 2023. Read on for some simple, but effective ways to keep your shopping costs down.

Tip 1: Add More Protein

It may seem counterintuitive to add protein in order to save money, but by adding a clean protein to every meal, you will stay fuller longer, and avoid snacking in between meals. Bonus is that you’ll also ensure that your body is getting the amino acids it needs to build and maintain strong bodies and minds. 

Biggest Bang for your Buck - an image of No Yolking product

By adding No Yolking™ 100% Egg White Protein Powder to your recipes, you will actually save some money. When you compare the cost of a bag against many other protein sources, it’s easy to see which protein source gives you the biggest “bang for your nutritional buck!”. At only $2.12 per serving,  No Yolking™ 100% Egg White Protein Powder boasts 17 g of protein! That’s more than what’s found in a serving of peanut butter, chicken breasts, tofu, greek yogourt, quinoa or beans.

Use No Yolking as a protein booster to your favorite recipes and you’ll stay full until your next meal. Add it to your morning egg scramble and latte, and even your salad dressing at lunch, and you’ll be super satiated through the day, helping you cut back on cravings and the need to snack throughout the day (which adds to grocery costs!). Protein powder is a great addition to anyone’s diet as it helps you grow muscle, provide a variety of essential vitamins and amino acids, and so much more. 

A collage of food images made with No Yolking protien

Take a look through our recipe library and you’re sure to be inspired! We have tons of breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas along with drinks and snacks.  

Tip #2: Plan it Out

After you’ve been inspired on the No Yolking recipe page, plan out your meals for the week and do one shop. By planning your meals ahead of time, you can simply shop your list when at the grocery store, ensuring you purchase only what you need for the week. Take it a step further by checking flyers and the internet for the best deals around for the week and you can not only take advantage of these discounts by price matching, but meal plan around what is on sale that week to give you even more savings. 

Tip #3: Shop Seasonally and Locally

Now while we don’t think of growing our fruits and vegetables here in Canada during the winter,  there are so many fantastic greenhouses growing our favorites all year long. Buying with the seasons will help you further reduce your shopping costs. Think of the vegetables that would keep in a cold cellar over the winter: root veggies galore! Beets, carrots, squash, cabbage, parsnips, onions, etc. These are more economically priced through the winter than berries and imported tropical fruits! 

An image of food prepared with No Yolking

Frozen fruits and veggies will also have some price savings this time of year, and the quality is fantastic as they’re frozen at peak ripeness. Frozen berries and avocados are perfect to throw into smoothies, and we love buying frozen cauliflower (already riced!) to mix into ground meats like our flexitarian meatloaf, burgers and turkey bites. 

To get started saving and planning ahead for 2023, visit the Muskoka Mornings® website and check out the various delicious and healthy recipes that suit so many dietary lifestyles, including keto, diabetic, low-carb, paleo and vegetarian. Muskoka Mornings® wishes you a very happy and healthy new year! 


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