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No Yolking100% Egg White Protein Powder can help give your kids the protein they need to help their bodies grow, develop and function at their best. 

By: Kerry Foreman, Owner and Founder of Muskoka Mornings®

With Easter celebrations just around the corner, plan ahead with some special goodies that are fun, delicious and won’t spike sugar levels. Luckily, by incorporating No Yolking100% Egg White Protein Powder into your kids’ snacks, meals and beverages, they’ll get all the protein they need to help their bodies grow, develop and function at their best. 

Protein and Kids

Protein is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet for children. Serving children nutritious whole foods using Julie Daniluk’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid as a guide will ensure they’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need for optimal growth. If you want to add protein to their diet easily, No Yolking100% Egg White Protein Powder is a safe option — it is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and sugar-free with NO fillers! Rest assured we use one clean ingredient: high-quality Canadian eggs sourced from local farmers.

The anti-inflammatory food pyramid

Julie Daniluk has several resources and cookbooks to support people on their health, healing and sugar-free journey. Check out her most recent book, Becoming Sugar Free, where Julie walks you through everything you need to know to create a powerful sugar-free lifestyle. 

Avoiding Sugar

It’s so important to think about the benefits of avoiding sugar in your diet, and your kids’ as well. I avoid refined sugar as much as possible. Based on much research, I believe it  causes inflammation in the body, which in turn is responsible for triggering so many autoimmune diseases. Did you know that sugar can also affect the brain by contributing to what we call “ red brain”? Sugar, or foods that convert to sugar quickly, are like a stressor to the body and brain and turn on the “red brain” which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to focus and behave in a calm manner.  

According to Dr. Stuart Shanker of the Mehrit Center (whom I had the fortune of hearing speak a few times at the People for Education conferences in Toronto), finding a balance between the blue brain and red brain is crucial. He says:  

“It is “balance” that we should seek, and not, as many often think, absolute Blue Brain dominion: i.e., self-control? The answer: children are at their most curious and receptive when Blue and Red Brain are working smoothly together. Energy expenditure and recovery finely counter-balanced each other. This promotes, not just digestion, cellular repair and a robust immune system, but emotion and social co-regulation, cognitive and prosocial development.


Self Regulation is the ability to modify or control your thoughts, emotions, actions, and words. If you want better focus for yourself and your kids, I suggest learning to avoid foods that turn on the “red brain” altogether. These foods are one major contributing factor that throws us off balance. Beyond diet, we can also practice self-regulation techniques, and model them for our children. Techniques include: mediation, exercise, therapy, journalling, and proper sleeping habits.

An image of the brain

Kitchen Fun with Kids

Any parent knows that kids LOVE getting into the kitchen to help mom or dad cook, so why not try some “green” ideas that will help incorporate the nutrients our bodies need along with some good lean protein to help the brain and body grow. 

A grid of food made with No Yolking protein

We have tons of delicious and fun green healthy snacks to try, such as our Basil and Spinach Protein Pesto with Walnuts as a dip or served with gluten-free pasta. We also have a number of healthy beverages filled with green goodness. Try our Lucky Green Shake, Oh Limey! Smoothie, Cleansing Greens or Matcha Latte for adults.  

Easter Fun! 

Celebrating holidays doesn’t automatically mean we must indulge in sugary treats. We prefer celebrating with fun crafts, instead. These activities will help spark some creativity and foster a sense of accomplishment while being environmentally- and budget-friendly, too!

If you’re decorating Easter eggs this year, we suggest using natural dyes from food scraps and spices, such as beet juice or turmeric. 

Once hard boiled and decorated, keep them in the fridge in a clear glass bowl or jar to then do the next healthy craft with! This is a fun way that  repurposes those eggs you just decorated while teaching your kids the importance of “waste-not, want-not”. 

kids having Easter fun

These cute egg chicks are perfect for the lunch box, after school snack, or to top our fresh Power Bowl salad. You’ll get a big bang for your buck on a dozen white eggs: two crafts, family time together, and some delicious meal ideas! 


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