Muskoka Mornings attended the Total Health Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Center, June 2018 and had the opportunity to film a short interview with Natural Health Care Canada. Check out their article and video below to find out about the fantastic health benefits our new product ‘No Yolking ™ Egg white protein powder’ can do for you!

Kerry Foreman, Founder of Muskoka Mornings, created the perfect protein powder called No Yolking™ which is made with 100% egg white protein powder. Being the only protein that contains all 21 amino acids required by our bodies, egg whites take the cake when it comes to protein.

Being in the day spa industry, Kerry met countless women with hormonal and, weight issues, excessive hair growth, and skin conditions. She found that one of their biggest needs is to consume high-quality protein throughout the day to maintain their blood sugar balance. Recognizing this demand led to her company’s development of No Yolking™.

Protein powder derived from dairy can increase your blood sugar level. Fortunately, individuals with diabetes do really well with No Yolking™ because the egg white doesn’t raise your glucose level. Plus, the egg white goes through a fermentation and drying process that kills all bacteria so customers are at no risk of being contaminated with salmonella.

Only 68 calories per serving with a full amino acid profile, No Yolking™ is great for making pancakes, dressings, dips, lattes, smoothies and any other recipe that calls for egg whites. It’s also a fantastic ingredient for face masks! Click HERE for more great recipes.

Total Health Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (June 2–3, 2018)

Interview and Video by Mark.S / handshakeguymedia for Natural Healthcare Canada

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